Life Skills

Many survivors of TBI suffer from short term memory loss, attention deficit, continually repeating themselves, loss of energy, dizziness/trouble with balance, excessive shaking, loss of fine and/or gross motor skills, increased agitation and an impulse to act without thinking. Our Life Skills Program is designed to help our Associates gain valuable skills to empower and enhance their lives outside of InRETURN.

Reading Class

Many of our Associates have worked tirelessly to regain this skill. Reading class allows us to work on comprehension, letter sounds, sight words and making connections.

Massage Therapist

A Therapist comes in once a week for 1.5 hours – giving the Associates a 15 minute massage every other week. Due to their disabilities/injuries TBI survivors tend to experience a great deal of pain. The time with the therapist provides a bit of relief from their discomfort.

Character Development Reading Group

As a large group we read current event news articles giving our Associates the knowledge to contribute to or initiate an educated conversation regarding the world around them. We also read Self-Help Articles to improve social skills, behaviors, techniques for improving memory, time management etc.


X-Box, Card Games, Memory Games or Pool, all of these focus on teamwork and important social skills as well as gross and fine motor skills, following directions, sequencing and basic math skills.

Cooking Class

We use our full kitchen to introduce basic well balanced meals which can be prepared outside of InRETURN. Also, the class works on fine motor skills, following directions, reading skills, team work and kitchen safety.

Giving Thanks Letter Writing Class

Associates write thank you notes to Volunteers and Donors. This works on grammar, written communication, spelling and the social skill of showing appreciation.


Encourages the use of fine motor skills and concentration. It is also a creative release for all Associates; especially if they experience difficulty expressing themselves verbally.


We offer yoga and exercise class weekly to improve strength, flexibility and to encourage physically activity.

Beading Class

Associates have the opportunity to create beautiful bracelets or necklaces for family or friends; as well as making bracelets to be included in the Giving Thanks notes. This class works on their concentration and fine motor skills.

Computer Class

We work on basic computer skills, email, internet searches and games to help improve memory.

We are ALWAYS looking to expand our Life Skills Program and welcome new volunteers and ideas!