Student Volunteer Program

We offer numerous Volunteer Opportunities for students of all ages, where you will be a part of an educational, fun and giving environment for special needs individuals or groups.

Whether you choose to volunteer after school or during the day, we offer programs that allow you to do real work alongside our Associates, and programs that teach them important life skills that they can use everyday.


Production Program

Our Production Program gives you the opportunity to help our Associates in their daily work tasks, such as making and labeling boxes. This improves the workers’ confidence and self-worth, and gives them the chance to practice social and life skills.

Life Skills Program

Our Life Skills Program promotes the learning of valuable skills. The Program typically takes place during Monday – Thursday hours, and can include anything from computer classes and games to conducting a cooking class.

Both of these Programs are a great opportunity for students to give back, and to fulfill their required Community Service Hours. InReturn allows students to complete their hours in a fun and flexible environment during school time, after school (M,W 3:00 – 5:30 p.m.), and during the summer.