Job Skills

For brain injury survivors and others with cognitive challenges, the idea of working may seem like an unattainable dream. At InRETURN we provide employment to individuals with special needs by training associates to do single step, manageable tasks through job adaptations – ensuring that at the end of the day each employee feels a sense of accomplishment.


We manufacturing absorbent socks and pillows filled with reclaimed diaper fluff that is sold to manufacturing warehouses as well as Bath and Body Works. These absorbents help our customers keep a clean warehouse or shipment and help keep unused diaper material out of landfills. Our Associates cut, measure, fill, sew, seal, flatten, count and pack all our absorbents. All of these steps must be done while accounting for quality of product.


Our Associates assemble brush caps for a local glue company. The brush caps are used for fake nail glue and nail filler.

Our Associates work in an assembly line where one person is in charge of the brushes, one person is in charge of the caps and one person is in charge of the press to assemble them. Associates also use the scale to measure and count the caps, label, pack and stage the boxes for delivery.


Our Associates assemble six different types of boxes for a local prescription company.

Associates are tasked with labeling each box with at least five labels, assembling the boxes, making sure each boxes has the correct amount of Styrofoam and cardboard inserts. Associates stack the boxes for shipment, track the number of boxes made and create the BOL for shipping.


Our Associates run an assembly line to repack food cans for local food provider.

Associates label and make new boxes for cans of food, while unpacking and recycling old boxes. The new boxes are then stacked on a pallet and shrink wrapped for shipment. Old boxes are baled and recycled.

ThyssenKrupp Bilstein

We reclaim oil and recycle scrap shocks.

Associates sort the scrap shocks and then operate a punch press and drill to puncture the shocks. Shocks are then set up to drain and when emptied sent to recycling. The reclaimed oil is then sent back to the shock company to be reused.