absorbentsInReturn manufactures and distributes absorbent products, such as socks and pillows, from recycled materials for use in various applications to absorb liquids from spills and leaks. Our products, which are manufactured by our employees – individuals who have suffered a neurological injury, disease, or disorder – at our worksite in Blue Ash, OH, absorb up to 20lbs of liquid. This superior absorbency provides a wide range of tangible benefits:

  • Risk Minimization – Materials absorb more liquid and act as a blocker to help prevent slipping.
  • Time Savings – the product works so efficiently that less time is spent cleaning up a spill or leak, and more time can be spent doing what really matters.
  • Material Cost Savings – The absorbency of our products is so high, you won’t need to spend extra money on purchasing more materials to clear up a spill or leak.
  • Waste Reduction – Our product is so efficient, it creates significantly less waste than other competitors.
  • Labor Cost Savings – Leaks and spills are cleaned up effortlessly, reducing the cost of labor to professionally clean an area.